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The Canadian Medical Journal (CMJ) is an influential, peer-reviewed biomedical journal published by the Canadian Medical Journal. The CMJ publishes research articles, reviews, and commentaries on various topics related to medical practice and health care worldwide. It serves as the official publication of the Canadian Medical Journal (CMJ), a non-profit organization that provides researchers wi
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CMJ identified that the scientific publishing landscape was in need of an innovative update to utilize and capitalize on emerging digital technologies. This new model - immediate open access or 'gold' open access - has revolutionized how readers can rapidly discover research for free. Authors have been placed firmly at the center of this development, allowing them greater control over their work than ever before, a sustainable approach that is now accepted industry standard due to its benefits and success.


This improved open access model is not only beneficial to authors and readers, but also to the scientific community as a whole. By allowing for immediate access to research, information can be shared more quickly than ever before, facilitating collaboration across diverse fields of study and increasing the speed at which discoveries can be made. Additionally, this model has enabled scientists to bypass traditional financial barriers that may have locked them out of important research in the past. With open access publications funded through sources other than subscriptions or paywalls, valuable scientific knowledge is accessible to those who may not have had the means or resources to acquire it otherwise.


Ultimately, open access publishing has been an effective tool for democratizing science and making information available in a more equitable manner worldwide. This open access model has proven to be a major success, with more and more scientific publishers turning to it as an increasingly accepted industry standard. With the potential for new discoveries due to this open access movement, research is expected to reach further heights in the years to come. Open access publishing is therefore likely here to stay, allowing authors greater control over their work while providing readers with unprecedented levels of accessibility. CMJ's pioneering efforts have helped make this possible, revolutionizing how science is published and consumed around the world.