About the Journal

Canadian Medical Journal (CMJ)


CMJ identified that the scientific publishing landscape was in need of an innovative update to utilize and capitalize on emerging digital technologies. This new model - immediate open access or 'gold' open access - has revolutionized how readers can rapidly discover research for free. Authors have been placed firmly at the center of this development, allowing them greater control over their work than ever before, a sustainable approach that is now accepted industry standard due to its benefits and success.


Our Mission

Our mission at the medical journal is to promote knowledge and understanding of the human body and its inner workings through sharing and discussing leading research in medical science with our readers. We strive to provide an informative platform to debate the latest developments in medicine, enabling thoughtful discourse between practitioners, researchers, students, and laypersons alike. We are committed to delivering accurate and up-to-date information that equips our readers with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their health. Our goal is to be a trusted source of reliable open access medical information that contributes positively towards advancing healthcare worldwide:


  1. To provide accurate, timely, and up-to-date information on medical topics relevant to the journal's readership.


  1. To strive for excellence in editorial quality and content.


  1. To publish research findings in a manner that is accessible to healthcare professionals and interested laypersons alike.


  1. To maintain objectivity in evaluating submitted manuscripts based on scientific evidence without any bias or discrimination towards authors’ gender, race, religion, profession, or academic background.


  1. To keep author identities anonymous during peer review of manuscripts as appropriate per the journal’s policy for double-blind reviews.


  1. To be transparent about all potential conflicts of interest (COIs) regarding authors or submitted manuscripts.


  1. To be responsible for all content published in the journal and to fully adhere to the guidelines provided by COPE (the Committee on Publication Ethics).


  1. To ensure that authors are not unduly influenced by promotional activities from industry sponsors or other external organizations.


  1. To actively pursue ethical practices of publishing, such as rejecting plagiarized articles and responding promptly to peer-reviewed comments about published content.


  1. To continually strive for improvement in our editorial and publishing practices through consultation with medical professionals, journal editors, and other stakeholders in the field of medicine and health care.


Moving Forward

In 2022, CMJ took pioneering steps toward the sustainable open access model, which has now become an accepted industry standard. Our authors are granted copyright over their work with a Creative Commons Attribution license, enabling readers to copy, distribute and use research free of charge; thus widening audience outreach and amplifying scientific discourse worldwide. We remain committed to continuous innovation as we strive forward into newer horizons allowing us better serve researchers across all disciplines.


CMJ's Open Access Outlook

The future of medical open access journals is bright, with the potential to revolutionize the dissemination of knowledge and foster scientific collaboration. Open access journals offer a unique opportunity to bring together different perspectives from disparate fields, as well as provide an outlet for new and innovative research. With the global health crisis currently impacting every aspect of society, it is more important than ever that we leverage open access solutions in order to make reliable and up-to-date information available to individuals regardless of their economic or geographical constraints. As a result, medical open access journals can drastically improve global healthcare outcomes and allow us to understand better how the world’s most pressing health issues can be addressed through collaborative knowledge sharing.


Furthermore, open access journals provide a platform for valuable research to be readily shared, allowing the latest breakthroughs to be disseminated quickly and easily. This can help accelerate progress in medical science, leading to improved healthcare services and outcomes worldwide. Finally, open access journals provide an invaluable opportunity for authors from all backgrounds to access publishing opportunities, enabling them to contribute their expertise within their respective fields. By continuing to leverage open access solutions, medical journals will remain at the forefront of knowledge dissemination and scientific collaboration for many years to come.



The future of  CMJ is committed to advancing global health through increased accessibility of information and collaboration between experts in different fields. We are proud to participate in this worldwide initiative, and we hope you support this cause.