Canadian Medical Journal's Editorial Team (CMJET)

The Canadian Medical Journals editorial team brings together the best and brightest minds in Canada’s healthcare community and worldwide. Our editorial board is comprised of physicians, researchers, healthcare professionals, and other experts from across the world that is committed to advancing medical knowledge and practice through evidence-based research. They review manuscripts for publication, ensuring quality, relevance, and accuracy by providing content feedback as well as identifying potential areas of improvement. The board also provides strategic counsel on journal initiatives, policies, and direction. We are proud of our diverse team, who ensure our journals accurately reflect the needs of Canada’s healthcare community. Together we strive to provide a platform for new studies, innovative ideas, meaningful conversations, and measurable impact.



The CMJ's editorial team is committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in research and authorship. We are dedicated to ensuring that all published material meets stringent requirements for accuracy, integrity, and objectivity. We take seriously our responsibility to protect the rights of patients and participants whose data is used in research, as well as researchers whose work is eligible for publication. All manuscripts are evaluated by knowledgeable peer reviewers with the utmost respect for intellectual property rights. The editorial staff also provides support and advice on good research practices to authors and readers alike. In addition, we strive to maintain a safe environment for scholarly debate and open dialogue between researchers of all backgrounds. At Canadian Medical Journals, we believe editors should maintain high standards of professionalism while simultaneously upholding ethical duties as healthcare community members. 


Value Promise

The Canadian Medical Journals Editor Team (CMJET) has a rigorous review process for all submissions. This includes a detailed evaluation of the submitted manuscript, ensuring that it meets the standards set forth by the CMJET. After this initial assessment, the submission is subject to peer review, where independent experts in the same field evaluate its quality and originality. The editor-in-chief then makes a final decision on the acceptance or rejection of the paper after considering the feedback from reviewers and other members of CMJET. Accepted papers are published online with open access so they can be accessed freely by readers worldwide. The goal of this process is to ensure that only high-quality work is quickly disseminated, helping to advance scientific understanding.




Want to become a CMJET Member?

Applying to the Canadian Medical Journal (CMJ) editorial team is an exciting way for aspiring medical professionals to gain valuable experience in their field. CMJ seeks individuals with a passion for medicine and science, as well as strong writing skills, who are eager to contribute to advancing medical knowledge. As part of this team, you will have the opportunity to review submissions from authors, assess manuscripts for publication criteria, provide feedback on content and accuracy, and represent CMJ at events both domestically and internationally. Additionally, you will be involved in developing special features that explore new ideas in medicine relevant to Canada's healthcare system and beyond. If you are looking to further your career and make a difference in the world of medicine, CMJ is an excellent place.


Main Contact: Diana Nieves Castro, MD

Phone: 703-935-3517


Next Steps

CMJET requests will be evaluated, and all submitters will receive a notification follow-up of approval or denial with substantial feedback on CMJET member approval committee's reasoning. Our goal is to make the approval process as transparent and streamlined as possible.